Vehicle Spawner Mod is a collabed modification by [XF] MadMaN [AR] and Steman .

Vehicle Spawner Mod
Project Lead: [XF] MadMaN [AR]
Creators: [XF] MadMaN [AR]


Platforms: PC
Release Date: 10/11 - 2011
Download Link:;topic=16043.0;attach=1786


Vehicle Spawner Mod allows the player to choose from a variety of different vehicles and spawn them ingame, as well as drive them.


Shortly after the second version was released, one of the creators, [XF] MadMaN [AR], was critisized by Steman for not crediting him in the ReadMe.txt-file.

Steman later on refused to work together with [XF] MadMaN [AR] again and claims to be doing solo projects. Though none has been released yet.


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